What is engine carbon cleaning

The old fashioned way of removing carbon deposits from an engine is the equivalent to open heart surgery. It entails physically opening up the engine, using chemicals to loosen the carbon then scraping it away and removing it – an extremely laborious task (6-8 hours for a V8 engine) that is both costly and no efficient. Worst still generally a mechanic will only remove the carbon in and around the manifold, intake valves, and cylinder heads. However, much of the carbon deposits build-up later in the engine system e.g. around the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and turbo and exhaust systems which also requires cleaning to fully restore your engine.

Having spent many years in development PowerSystem of Lille, France launched the ground-breaking CarbonCleaning™ Hydrogen technology in 2011. This unique advanced technology pumps and pulses hydrogen through the air intake system burning away the carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly. This remarkable system is suitable for any petrol, diesel or hybrid engine and has a proven ability to quickly and safely removing carbon build-up deposits from the whole engine system in just 30-45 minutes, the effects are immediate.

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  • Gary Hudson AvatarGary Hudson

    Car was cutting out when idle .. Had 3 stage cleaning done today on toyota avensis d4d 2ltr. Seems to have sorted the problem out and mpg gone from 31 to 43. Runs a lot smoother and responds quicker ..... I'll definitely use these guys again ... Great friendly service.

    Daniel Worsley AvatarDaniel Worsley

    I had the 3 stage clean done today on my Audi a4 1.9ltr TDI sport, i have only just got this car but because of the miles i thought it won't do it any harm to have a clean, the car was driving great and didn't think it could get any better but i was wrong!!! After the clean red jumped in the passenger seat and we went for a drive.... All i can say is WOW!!! What a difference!!! It's allot quieter, more responsive and feels so much smoother, Red was brilliant, talked me through everything and explained exactly what he was doing and what was happening, all in all i 100000% recommend having the 3 stage clean to anyone, Red i will see you in another 12 months!!!

  • Rainback Dave AvatarRainback Dave

    I had stage 3 carbon clean on my Corolla Verso 55 plate d4d can feel the benefits and what a top guy the man was when he cane dead present explained everything he was doing and made my car like new would highly recommend using these to sort ur car problems out 5 stars from me

    Jack Mcnulty AvatarJack Mcnulty

    Nice and fast and good chat while doing it, would recommend�

  • Tony Lavender AvatarTony Lavender

    Fantastic. Red is a gentleman. Fantastic service even though I messed him about with my appointment. Nothing was too much trouble for Red. Car is in amazing shape now. Engine running like a dream. Thanks so much Red, appreciate all your help. Best of luck for the future. �

    Richard Traynor AvatarRichard Traynor

    What can I say... He told me so!

    Down to mine on time, explanations throughout and really insightful. He was absolutely brilliant and really easy to just sit and chat with. Once the work was done, my 3 litre naturally aspirated v6 woke up! Bear in mind I have a fair few miles on the block, and it was left feeling like it'd come off the production line. I've managed to drop in the injector cleaner provided now too, and the car just purrs.

    Will be using again! Thank you

  • Zoly Vigh AvatarZoly Vigh


    I have a 97' Audi A4 model 90BHP .

    I'm just telling you it was a nice feeling on the car:

    The engine is back to life again!

    The acceleration felt like crazy when I hit the road, responding very good on my comands!

    I'm simply amazed what a Carbon Cleaning can do guys!

    I recommend to try it!

    Andy Meikle AvatarAndy Meikle

    Just had James out to my home to clean my ford mondeo tdci

    Can see a massive difference already.

    James was kind enough to explain the whole process and answer any questions Turned up on time, polite and great communication leading up to our meet Top class will definitely use again and highly recommend him to anyone

  • Adam Kye AvatarAdam Kye

    Great service. Very big Improvement and notices straight away. Quick and very helpful. Carnt wait for my next carbon clean. Will recommend 100%. Thanks

    Bruce Whitson AvatarBruce Whitson

    Had car done the day can tell straight away more power and will need to drive for a few days miles per gallon thanks to james cheers

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