What is engine carbon cleaning

The old fashioned way of removing carbon deposits from an engine is the equivalent to open heart surgery. It entails physically opening up the engine, using chemicals to loosen the carbon then scraping it away and removing it – an extremely laborious task (6-8 hours for a V8 engine) that is both costly and no efficient. Worst still generally a mechanic will only remove the carbon in and around the manifold, intake valves, and cylinder heads. However, much of the carbon deposits build-up later in the engine system e.g. around the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and turbo and exhaust systems which also requires cleaning to fully restore your engine.

Having spent many years in development PowerSystem of Lille, France launched the ground-breaking CarbonCleaning™ Hydrogen technology in 2011. This unique advanced technology pumps and pulses hydrogen through the air intake system burning away the carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly. This remarkable system is suitable for any petrol, diesel or hybrid engine and has a proven ability to quickly and safely removing carbon build-up deposits from the whole engine system in just 30-45 minutes, the effects are immediate.

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  • Craig Thomas AvatarCraig Thomas

    Definitely recommend this service to anyone I know, I’ve had a stage 3 done on my car and van done and I’ve noticed the difference. Also just had both my parents vehicles done today and they both were very pleased and noticed a difference. Top engineer and very reliable service. Thank you for your work 😁👍

    Zoly Vigh AvatarZoly Vigh


    I have a 97' Audi A4 model 90BHP .

    I'm just telling you it was a nice feeling on the car:

    The engine is back to life again!

    The acceleration felt like crazy when I hit the road, responding very good on my comands!

    I'm simply amazed what a Carbon Cleaning can do guys!

    I recommend to try it!

  • Dániel Böröcz AvatarDániel Böröcz

    Adam done a 2stage Carbon cleam on my E46 325i. I can feel the difference, even when the car just idleing. Very nice guy, BIG thanks for him.

    Gregor Henderson AvatarGregor Henderson

    Lovely bloke, very knowledgeable. After asking questions I went away for lunch and when i came back had a more efficient, more powerful and better sounding car. The difference was hugely apparent on the drive home.

    Good local business. Highly recommended.

  • Hazel Hartdegen AvatarHazel Hartdegen

    We had are ford Galaxy done its the best thing we done thank you James

    SharonJaydee Middleton Sharkey AvatarSharonJaydee Middleton Sharkey

    I Had my work van (Holmes Domestic) and Nissan Navara Carbon Cleaned by James. He was very polite, well mannered and very well presented. He talked me through the process, and explained everything down to the finest detail. Had both vehicles for a run and what a huge difference, so much quieter and definitely more power! I notice the difference that much I’m getting my other van done! Only regret, wish I had got this done sooner as I’ve noticed such a difference!! Thanks again James for your 1st class service � see you at the end off the month to get the Transit Custom done.

  • Ivan Balinov AvatarIvan Balinov

    I've done the 3 stage cleaning on my Ford Galaxy tdci. The result was great, as promised. The car is now smoother, quieter, has more power throughout the rev range and my average fuel consumption dropped from 38-39mpg to 40-42mpg. I'd strongly recommend it to everyone, even for low mileage cars.

    Kassim Mawji AvatarKassim Mawji

    Sent them a request late on Saturday evening, didn't think they would get back to me until the following Monday... but Paul replied really quick, booked it in for this morning! That's what you call efficiency! Had a stage 3 clean today and the car feels much smoother.

    Jay who came to sort the job was polite professional and friendly.

    Top marks all round, great service!

  • Artemis Ilami Rad AvatarArtemis Ilami Rad

    After a stage 3 treatment provided by carbon cleaning uk i found again the 180bhp that my Saab 93 aero ttid missed in action longtime ago...happy and impressed with the result!

    Simon Hillier AvatarSimon Hillier

    I had my Mercedes SLK carbon cleaned by Ciaran last Saturday and was really impressed! He was old school customer service at its best and went through every single part of the process with me and also took time out to give me some general tips on looking after an older engine. The results where impressive and the car definitely runs much more smoothly now.

If you require further information please visit our Carbon Cleaning FAQ’s section, contact your local technician or our HQ team on 01293 769495 to discuss your requirements, or use the inquiry form below and we’ll get back to you at your convenience.

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